How California Soap Plant Can Help with Fungal Infections


Fungal nail infections are quite common. They may not be a serious condition, but they are tricky to treat. This condition is also called onychomycosis. This is formed when a fungal infection takes place underneath the nail, which causes the nail to change in color, pain, and sometimes even a foul odor. Dermatophytes, a group of fungi, cause most toenail fungal infections as well as athlete’s foot. When nail fungal infections are not treated, they may worsen and make it difficult to walk.

9Risk Factors

Several factors increase one’s risk of infection. These include walking barefoot in warm and moist public places like pools, having chronic conditions like diabetes, being immune-deficient, having a circulation disorder, yeast overgrowth, footwear that is too tight, mold growth, using unsanitized nail devices, and many others.

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