How Black Toenail Incidents Can Turn From Bad to Worse


Black toenail cases are a cause for concern to a huge number of individuals because of how terrible it looks. Aside from it how affects your nails visually, black toenail can also show underlying problems that you are unaware of. Several cases of black toenail often heal itself over time and as a result, a huge number of individuals often take them lightly or for granted. Things however, can totally go wrong with your black toenail if no immediate action is taken. Let us look at how the black toenail issue can develop from bad to worse.

Common Cases of Black Toenail

Repetitive trauma

Black toenail is often the result of repetitive trauma which results to bruising, blistering or bleeding beneath the nail. Athletes and individuals who run at high intensity or level are often susceptible in developing this condition. No treatment is required with mild cases of nail trauma as the nail will simply grow out of it in time.

It should be noted that, there are severe cases of repetitive trauma which can cause the nail to detach. Furthermore, this is especially painful if the detachment is only partial. After the nail is removed, the pain has already subsided as it waits for a new nail to grow. This process however, takes a considerable amount of time ranging from 3 to 6 months for smaller nails and about a year for big toenails.

There may be issues with your new toenail that needs to be considered as this can hinder them from growing fully. For instance, repetitive trauma can result to the new nail to become bruised increasing the likelihood of them getting detached as well. Some doctors recommend that you have your dead nail trimmed down or perhaps removed to give room for the new nail to grow properly.

Subungual Hematoma

Another case of black toenail stems from Subungual Hematoma. This condition involves having a heavy object drop directly to your toenail which causes blood to pool underneath your nail bed. This will appear almost immediately after the accident making them easy to discern. Another thing to note is that this black toenail condition causes a painful throbbing sensation in the affected area. The pain can be addressed with the help of your doctors with them pricking a small needle through the nail in an effort to drain out the blood. Patients are not encouraged to do this procedure at home especially since it is often unsanitary, ineffective as well as more painful when compared to professional care.

Black toenail can develop into extreme cases when the nail is red, inflamed or oozing. This can be a sign of an infection making it important to act with haste applying Neosporin to the affected area as well as taking the necessary measures in order to get an appointment with your doctor. These individuals will be able to give your nails the proper assessment it needs to allow them to heal in a timely and effective manner.