Grapeseed and Jojoba Oil Blend: A Powerful Antifungal


Toenail fungus is a common condition of the toenails. This nail condition is contagious. This may start on one toenail and spread to several other nails. Nail fungus treatment often includes the use of prescription-based antifungal treatments. Even if effective, some of these people experience undesirable side effects, which range from upset stomach to skin concerns. As a result, some people may opt to use home remedies for toenail fungus infections.

7What causes toenail fungus infections?

The toenails can be affected by more than one type of fungi. The most common of these is the type known as dermatophytes. These are common fungal microorganisms which means that they are too tiny to see with the naked eye. These microorganisms thrive because of keratin, a protein substance found in toenails and fingernails. Keratin makes the nails hard.

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