Getting Rid of Nail Fungal Infections with the Help of Pennyroyal


Nail fungal infections are the most common conditions of the nails. These make up 50 percent of all abnormalities that involve the nails. You can easily find fungus in the body, but it can cause a problem when the fungus overgrows. This condition is also known as onychomycosis or tinea unguium. This condition affects both the fingernails and toenails, but it affects the latter more. 

5Fast Facts about Nail Fungus Infections

Microscopic fungi in the nails may bring you this condition. It occurs more in men than women. Diagnosis of this condition is done by examining the debris that collects underneath the nails. 


Nail fungal infections are often caused by microscopic organisms known as fungi. They do not need sunlight to survive. The most common cause of nail infections is a group of fungi known as dermatophytes. Yeasts and molds may also cause nail fungal infections. These pathogens that cause nail infections often enter the skin by way of small cuts and tiny separations between the nail and the nail bed. 


Nails that are often infected by fungi often show the following symptoms: nails become crumbly and thickened, they also become brittle and ragged, the nails also become distorted and dry, and they also become darker or yellowish. Nail fungal infections may lead to pain and discomfort in the affected nails. At times, they may also emit a foul odor. 

Diagnosis and Treatments

To achieve a clinical diagnosis, the doctor may require a nail sample to be sent to a lab for testing. This will help determine the microorganism that caused the infection. When it comes to a nail fungus treatment, the doctor may prescribe oral or topical antifungals which will be applied for several months. Examples of topical antifungals are miconazole (Daktarin tincture) and amorolfine (Loceryl). For persistent nail fungal infections, nail removal may be advised by the doctor for a new nail to grow.

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