Get Rid of Nail Fungus Infection by Using Rice Flour and Apple Cider Vinegar


A nail fungus infection is a contagious infection that affects at least one of the nails. The most popular type of infection is onychomycosis, which is caused by the fungus as it attacks a fingernail or toenail or the skin found under the nail. This kind of infection is not a tormenting type unless it is left untreated and allowed to spread to other nails and even other body parts.

4Symptoms of the Nail Fungal Infection

It is best to detect a toenail fungal infection early. This will save your nails from severe damage. You can do this by inspecting your nails daily. Remember that the fungus can be present for a long time before it starts to show some symptoms. The following are some of the nail fungal symptoms you have to look for when you check your nails: thickened or distorted nail, redness and swelling in the infected nail, white, yellow, or brown spots that don’t come from an injury, darkened or discolored nail, unusual yellow or white streaks in the nail, crumbly edge or tip of the nail, foul smell from the infected nail, and the nail begins to separate from the nail bed.

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