Fighting Off Toenail Fungal Infections By Using Khadira


Once your nail turns brittle or changes in color, it is likely that you are having a toenail fungal infection. Nail fungus infects mostly the big toes but it may also affect the fingernails. It may be hard to eliminate nail fungal infections. This is because toenails grow slowly and so treating a nail infection takes time and a lot of patience. Treating a nail infection takes several months. But before we discuss treatments, let us find out more about this type of infection first.

5Who is more prone to getting infected?

Some people are more prone to incurring the toenail fungal infection. These include those who are diabetic, over 65 years old, have a weakened immune system, have a condition that causes poor blood circulation, have a nail or skin injury or condition like eczema and psoriasis, wear inappropriate too-tight footwear and wet socks, like to walk barefoot in places like public swimming pools, locker rooms, and shower rooms, and those who wear artificial nails and nail polish to cover infected nails.

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