Fighting Off Nail Fungus with Grapeseed Oil


Toenail also goes by the name onychomycosis or tinea unguium. It is a common nail condition that affects millions of people in the US alone. This type of infection can develop on the nail, as the nails become infected with yeast, mold, and fungi. Toenail fungus infections occur when organisms get into contact with a crack on the nail and the skin surrounding it. The opening offers entry for such organisms to infect the body.

5What are nail fungus infections’ most common symptoms?

You will know if a nail is infected with nail fungus when it becomes thicker than the usual nail. This may also appear warped and oddly shaped, and this can break easily. Nails that have been attacked with the fungus may appear yellow, white, green, or brown. In some cases, a white dot appears on the nail which becomes bigger over time. This may loosen and eventually separate from the nail bed. This fungus may spread to other nails and even the surrounding skin. When a nail fungal infection is left untreated, it may cause pain and discomfort when wearing shoes and walking. Sometimes a foul odor may come from the infected nail and its surrounding skin.

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