Fight Off Nail Fungus with the Mehendi Herb


Nail fungus infections are often caused by a particular type of fungus. This condition is known as onychomycosis. When you have this condition, the nail can become brittle and crumbly. It may also have a dark color or it may turn yellow, green, or brown. The shape of the nail may also become distorted. Nail fungal infection may also cause pain and discomfort on the infected nail and in some cases, it may even emit a foul odor.

9Diagnosis and Treatments

Nail fungal infections have symptoms that are similar to psoriasis and eczema. This makes it important to properly diagnose the condition. The doctor can do this by looking at the infected nail and asking about the symptoms. The doctor may ask the patient to send a nail clipping or scraping which will be sent to a lab for determining the organism that caused the infection. The nail fungus treatment plan will depend on it. The usual treatment is composed of an oral antifungal which is prescribed by the doctor. For some people who don’t want oral antifungals, topicals will be prescribed by the doctor. In some cases, combination therapy may be more effective. When the nail infection gets too severe, the doctor may recommend a nail removal surgery.

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