Fight Off Nail Fungus with the Mehendi Herb


Nail fungus infections are often caused by a particular type of fungus. This condition is known as onychomycosis. When you have this condition, the nail can become brittle and crumbly. It may also have a dark color or it may turn yellow, green, or brown. The shape of the nail may also become distorted. Nail fungal infection may also cause pain and discomfort on the infected nail and in some cases, it may even emit a foul odor.

10Causes and Risks

Fungus is all around us, but the most common type of fungus that can cause a nail infection is dermatophytes. Nail fungus infections may also be caused by yeast and molds. Some traits and factors may also increase the risk of getting infected with nail fungus. These include having diabetes, a nail injury, an athlete’s foot, a blood circulation disorder, or a weak immune system.

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