Fight Off Nail Fungus Infections By Using Banana Peels


Toenail fungal infection affects some people. Usually, this affects those who are above 60 years old and those who frequent public swimming pools and locker rooms. This is because fungus thrives in warm and moist environments, just like inside the confines of your closed-toe shoes. Nail fungus infection affects not only the toenails but also the fingernails. But how do you know that you have this infection?

Signs and Symptoms

The most common sign of nail fungus infection is a white or yellow patch under your fingernail or toenail tip. You would also notice the thickening of the nail plate as well as the fragility and roughness of the toenail or fingernail. There would also be changes in the curvature of the nail shape as well as changes in its color. The nails would also lose their gloss. Nail fungus infection is usually painless at first until it becomes severe. Some people who suffer from nail fungus also have fungal infection on the skin between the toes, i.e., athlete’s foot.

treating nail fungus with banana peels

Who Are More Prone to It?

All people regardless of age can have a nail fungus infection. But some people are more susceptible to it, apart from older people. These include those who have diabetes, who suffer from nail injury or nail surgery and those who have a weak immune system and suffer from blood circulation problems, and as mentioned earlier athlete’s foot.

How Can It Be Prevented?

Some steps can be done to prevent being infected. These include keeping the hands and feet clean and dry. The nails must be clipped and filed down regularly. It’s also best to avoid walking barefoot in public locker rooms and pools since these are the favorite breeding grounds of nail fungus. When you visit a salon, make sure that it is clean and the tools are sterilized or you can bring your own. The salon has to be certified by the cosmetology board as well.

3How Can Nail fungal Infection Be Treated?

Nail fungal infections are hard to treat, and they take time to heal. The fungus doesn’t go away on its own. It requires a nail fungus treatment. The most effective treatment so far is prescribed oral antifungal pills. There are also prescribed topical solutions like a medicated nail lacquer which can be applied on the nails like the regular nail polish. At times the doctor will advise the combination of oral pills and topical solutions. In some cases, the doctor may recommend a complete nail removal through laser surgery or a minor operation.

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