Eliminate Nail Fungus with a Tea Tree and Orange Oil Rub


The nail fungal infection is a common condition. About half of all the world’s nail problems are because of fungal infections. Toenail fungal infections are four times more common than fingernail infections. This type of infection may affect a part or the entire nail including the nail bed, nail plate, and root of the nail. It affects adults more than children particularly men. It is also more prevalent among older adults. This is so because the nail tends to become dry as we get older.

5What symptoms will tell you if you are infected?

Several changes may occur in your toenails. The infected nail may turn yellow-brown or white-yellow. The nail becomes thick and may develop a crust. Its surrounding skin may also become reddish and swollen. The infected nail may become misshapen and ridges and grooves may appear and eventually it will crumble and separate from the nail bed. The discoloration, thickening, and other changes are quite obvious. In some cases, the infection may cause the infected area to ooze pus.

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