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When your toenail fungus turns white or yellow, it is more likely that you are seeing the start of a toenail fungus or what is known by doctors as onychomycosis. This fungus is the cause of 50 percent of all nail issues. Nail fungus affects both the toenails and fingernails, but it is more prevalent on the toenails, affecting it 4 to 10 times more frequently than the fingernails.

Toenail fungus is not a health concern unless it is left untreated and becomes worse. If the fungus is given more freedom, it can result in more discoloration and the nail turning thick and brittle and hard to trim. The nail can separate from the nail bed and fall off on its own. The infection may also spread to other nails.

5What causes toenail fungus infections?

Toenail fungus is oftentimes caused by a group of fungi called dermatophytes. It can also be caused by yeasts and molds although less commonly. Some habits and conditions can increase the risk of incurring toenail fungus. Older adults are more prone to it. This is so because the nails become dry as we get older and they easily develop cracks which serve as the entrance of the fungus. Walking barefoot in warm and moist environments may also contribute to the risk since fungus thrives in this kind of environment. It is also possible for one to get infected through the use of unsterilized tools and devices in a salon. You are also more prone to toenail fungus when you have a condition that affects your blood circulation like diabetes or if one has a weakened immune system.

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