Different Nail Fungus Treatment Options and Which Is Right for You


Nail fungus or onychomycosis is the whitening or yellowing of the nail that causes the nail to crumble or thicken at the edge as the fungus goes deeper into the nail. Nail fungus may also cause discoloration and can either occur in the finger or toe nails. Once a fungus is identified, it is recommended that nail fungus treatment be administered immediately. If the fungus is caught in the early stages, home remedies and over the counter drugs can be used; however, if the fungus infection is a prolonged condition, more drastic measures will need to be taken and surgery may be your only solution.

9Home Remedies for treating an infected nail

A self-made home treatment can be one of the best nail fungus treatments you will ever need. Treatments such as orange and tea tree oil; a vinegar and baking soda foot bath; or plain old coconut oil can quickly and easily treat an onychomycosis infection. These home remedies are easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find. They are highly recommended and will treat an infection in a short period of time without the use of harsh chemicals. Keep in mind, however, that home remedies will only treat new infections because once the nails begin to crumble; you will need to use more stringent methods to combat your infection.

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