Dadrughna Lepa and Dashang Lepa Churna: Herbal Pastes for Fungal Infections


It’s not usual for people to notice what is going on with their toenails. Healthy toenails are pink and smooth. However, a fungal infection may cause your nails to become discolored, thickened, crumbly, and ragged on the edges. Occasionally, they can be painful and emit a foul smell. A toenail fungus infection is also known as onychomycosis. This condition is quite common, but it is quite difficult to treat. When it comes to toenail fungal treatments, you can find a lot of options; and they can have varying success rates.

5What causes a toenail fungal infection?

Toenail fungus infections are often caused by fungi known as dermatophytes. They infect the skin found underneath the nail. Another culprit is called yeast. Toenails are most vulnerable to fungus infection when your bare feet come into contact with damp surfaces in public areas like public showers, pools, and locker rooms. It is also likely to develop when you are infected with an athlete’s foot.

Some factors may also contribute to the spread of infection. These include wearing inappropriate shoes such as those that have material that doesn’t allow for proper ventilation and wearing damp socks. If you have a family history of toenail fungus infection, you become more susceptible to it. If you have an athlete’s foot, you will likely develop a toenail fungal infection as well. Having chronic diseases such as diabetes and any circulation illness, you become more prone to being infected with toenail fungal infection.

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