Coping with Thick Toenails


6What Causes Toenails to Thicken?

• One of the main causes of toenail thickening is actually as simple as repetitive pressure caused by everyday activities. This happens because the nail strikes against the shoe and results in a separation of the nail from the nail bed.
• As can be expected, major trauma is a common cause. Major trauma in this sense refers to extreme pressure from footwear, stubbing the toe or dropping something heavy things such as a hammer on to the foot.
• Fungal infections will inevitably result in the thickening of the toenail and will also usually result in a thick toenail fungus which can be smelly and painful.
• Age definitely plays a huge role in this problem, and this is primarily down to the way our bodies develop as we get older such as changes in metabolic rate and a reduction in blood flow.
• There are also other medical problems apart from fungal infections that can contribute to this issue, such as; psoriasis, eczema, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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