Coconut Oil as a Nail Fungus Home Remedy


Toenail fungus is also called onychomycosis. It is a common infection that hits during summer, and it is characterized by white, yellow, or brown discoloration on either one or more fingernails or toenails. Toenail fungus is often considered a cosmetic issue, but this condition can be painful and inhibiting. It can also make the toenails and fingernails thick and crack in the long run.

4Treatment and Medications

It can be quite difficult to treat fungal infections. You may speak to your doctor if ever self-care strategies or home remedies and the use of over-the-counter products have not helped. Your treatment can help with how severe the condition is and the kind of fungus that causes it. It can take months for you to see the results. Infection recurrences are also very common.

Doctors often prescribe antifungal drugs that can be taken orally or applied to the nails. There are some cases when oral and topical therapies are combined. Oral antifungal drugs are often the first option of treatment since they can clear the infection quicker than topical medications. Examples of these are itraconazole (Sporanox) and terbinafine (Lamisil). These drugs can be taken from six to twelve weeks. The treatment can only be ended when a fresh healthy nail grows back.

It is also possible for the doctor to advise the use of a medicated nail polish known as ciclopirox (Penlac). You may paint this on the infected nail and the surrounding skin once daily. After a week, wipe the piled-up layers of polish with alcohol and apply fresh paint. This type of medicated nail polish may be used every day for almost one year.

Another topical solution is a medicated nail cream. The doctor may also recommend an antifungal cream that you can rub on to the infected nails after soaking the feet or hands. This may work better when your nails are thin by using a nail file. This enables the medication to go through the nail surface better and address the underlying fungus. Apply a nonprescription lotion that has urea to thin nails.

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