Chamomile and Olive Oil Blend: The Nail Fungus Fighter


Nail fungus infections are a common medical concern that can affect many types of nails. This type of infection often affects toenails. These are usually caused by the growth of fungal spores that often appear between toenails and the skin found under the nail bed. The spores thrive because of the skin or the keratin found in the nail. This kind of fungi also causes the spread of the athlete’s foot, an infection of the skin in between the toes. The infection may spread to the toenails. It may also be caused by other types of fungi most often yeasts which tend to invade damaged nails due to easy access.

6How does one become infected with nail fungus?

This kind of infection is highly contagious. This is because fungus easily grows and spreads in warm and moist environments. It is possible to pick this type of infection through the following: not cleaning the feet and making them dry, wearing inappropriate footwear that can make the feet hot and sweaty, not drying the skin in between toes, walking barefoot in damp public areas like communal swimming pools, gyms, shower rooms, and changing rooms, and having athlete’s foot whose fungus can spread to the nails. Having a damaged nail may also increase the risk of getting infected with nail fungus.

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