Cedarwood Oil as a Nail Fungus Cure


The fungus can infect even your nails. Nail fungus infection is called onychomycosis. It is a common condition among older people while it seldom occurs in children. Nail fungus infection can be brought about by dermatophytes, yeasts, and molds.


It’s easy to see the symptoms of a nail fungus infection. It affects one nail and spreads to another if it is left untreated. The nail appears to be thickened and discolored. Most of the time it becomes yellowish. Most people consult with their doctors when they suffer from nail fungus infection since they find their nails unsightly. You will find yellow or white patches on the areas where the nails have come off from the nailbed. There are times when the entire nail comes off. The skin you can find next to the nail can be scaly and inflamed and eventually without nail fungus treatment the whole nail and nailbed will be destroyed which can be painful.

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