Toenail fungus may be a major cause of embarrassment, frustration, and annoyance. The worst part of it is that you can’t cover it up with nail polish. In some cases, the rough edges can hurt a lot. There are medications that you can buy from the pharmacy, but the key to treating it is to identify the infection during the early stages. The problem with the usual treatments is that they may have side effects. If you have mild to moderate toenail infection, it’s better to choose natural home remedies like ozonized oils. For severe infections, an antifungal medical prescription is required from your doctor.

4Easy to Access Ozonated Oils

The most frequently used vegetable oils for producing ozonated derivatives are olive oil and sunflower oil even if the ozonation procedure for creating such oils is lengthy and requires a significant standardization when it comes to oil volume, O3 concentration, gas flow, and temperature. Most ozonized oils are used for several skin conditions and external body applications. They are known to contain therapeutic and antifungal properties to treat fungus infection.

Using the Ozonized Olive Oil

The ozonated olive oil is produced by bubbling up ozone by using olive oil. While in the process, the olive oil picks up the ozone and different natural peroxides are formed. These peroxides are the ones that can kill bacteria and fungi. These also stimulate the body’s natural healing ability.

To ensure the best results, clean your foot with warm water and soap and dry it before you apply the treatment. Make sure that the spaces between the toes are dry. After this, dab a little amount of the ozonated olive oil and massage it thoroughly into the skin. If currently, you have toenail fungus, start treatment on the nail for the nail fungus treatment to get into all the exposed areas including the surrounding areas of the toe.

Using Ozonized Sunflower Oil

Ozonized sunflower oil has compounds that have significant medicinal effects. To apply this oil, all you have to do is clean your foot and rub a small amount of the ozonized sunflower oil on your toes twice every day to cure toenail fungus. You can buy a product called Oleozon and rub this ozonized sunflower twice daily. In a study done on the product, 90.5 percent of those who suffered from toenail fungus were cured and only had a 2.8 percent relapse rate.

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