Toenail fungus may be a major cause of embarrassment, frustration, and annoyance. The worst part of it is that you can’t cover it up with nail polish. In some cases, the rough edges can hurt a lot. There are medications that you can buy from the pharmacy, but the key to treating it is to identify the infection during the early stages. The problem with the usual treatments is that they may have side effects. If you have mild to moderate toenail infection, it’s better to choose natural home remedies like ozonized oils. For severe infections, an antifungal medical prescription is required from your doctor.

5Defining Ozonized Oils

The usual dictionary definition for ozonized oils is anything that is converted from oxygen to ozone. Vegetable oils can be treated ozone, and this leads to the creation of an ozone reservoir that slowly releases it into the skin. This is possible since ozone can be held as ozonides of unsaturated fatty acids. If the ozone is required to treat skin infections, ozonated oils are created for ozone to penetrate the skin easily.

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