Berberine and Its Multiple Health Benefits


When you have a toenail fungal infection, the nail turns thick and either white, yellow, green, or brown. White streaks and spots may also appear on the infected nail. This medical condition is also known as onychomycosis. This becomes more common when the person becomes older. This condition is also quite tricky to cure. Toenail fungus infection is a widespread fungal infection that primarily affects the toes. The same fungus, however, also infects the fingernails. This occurs when the fungi get between the toenail and the toenail bed or the tissue underneath the toenail.

5Causes of the Infection

This condition can be caused by different types of fungi, the most common belong to the group called dermatophytes. This condition may also be caused by yeasts and molds. Certain factors may also increase the risk of getting infected. These include having conditions like diabetes, a weakened immune system, an athlete’s foot, a blood circulation disorder, and a nail injury. Wearing inappropriate footwear is also a risk as well as walking barefoot in damp public areas like pools and locker areas.

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