Bathing in Neem-Infused Water Keeps the Fungus at Bay


Nail fungal infections are also known as dermatophytic onychomycosis or tinea unguium. The fungus that causes it is the same as the fungus that causes athlete’s foot. In athlete’s foot, the responsible fungus thrives in the keratin that is found in the outer layer of the skin. Once the fungus spreads to the nail’s keratin, this results in a nail fungal infection.

What are the causes?

The dermatophyte fungi are the most common cause of nail fungal infections. It is less commonly caused by yeasts and molds. These often attack the nails that are already damaged, since they are easier for fungus to invade. Toenail fungal infections are more prevalent than fingernail infections. Both often affect older people and those who suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes, a weakened immune system, and blood circulation disorders. Wearing inappropriate footwear and sharing personal items may also cause nail fungal infections.

What are the symptoms?

You won’t find symptoms in the beginning. Later on, the nails become thicker, especially when pressed by the inside of a shoe. These nails may be hard to trim. The nail’s shape is also distorted and it becomes brittle and crumbly in texture. An infected nail may become discolored, and sometimes debris may develop underneath it. It is likely for the nearby skin to have a fungal infection too.

How are the infected nails treated?

Some people opt to leave their nail fungal infections untreated. But those who experience pain and discomfort as well as an embarrassment because of the nails’ appearance, seek for nail fungus treatment. A doctor often prescribes oral antifungals that have to be taken for several months up to a year. Treating a nail fungal infection takes time since the toenails take time to grow. Sometimes doctors also prescribe topical antifungals that can be applied directly to the infected nails.

A Practical Home Remedy

When the nail fungal infection is mild, a home remedy can be used for treating the infected nails. These are easy to apply and more natural, with fewer side effects. One thing about treating a nail fungal infection is it requires that your nails are always clean and dry. It follows that your clothes are also clean and dry since it is easier for fungus to spread when given the right environment. That’s why one of the practical home remedies to use against nail fungal infections is to soak your clothes in a tub of neem water. After washing your dirty clothes with detergent soap, soak them in a tub of neem water. This will make sure that the clothes will absorb neem’s properties and kill any microbes found in them.

2All about Neem

Neem is a kind of tree that is popular in alternative medicine for treating or preventing several health concerns. This is believed to reduce pain, enhance one’s immune system, preserve eyesight, and provide heart or liver disease protection. The neem tree is native to India.

Neem is available in various forms such as powder, capsule, oil, cream, tincture, or mouthwash. Neem oil can be applied to the scalp and skin for treating dandruff and acne. The neem leaf extract may be taken orally for the treatment of stomach ulcers and dental issues. Several remedies may also come from the fruit, flowers, and bark of the neem tree. This tree has many other names which include bead tree, Indian lilac, holy tree, pride of China, Arishta, and Persian lilac.

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