Banana and Milk: A Nutritious Combo to Fight Off Infections


A nail fungal infection is a common condition that can make your nails brittle and discolored. Most often, this occurs on your toenails. The medical name for this condition is onychomycosis. It is almost like an athlete’s foot. Instead of the skin on the bottom of one’s feet and the skin in between your toenails.

You can only see fungi under a microscope. These are microorganisms that naturally occur in the body. Most of the time, these don’t cause any trouble. They only become troublesome when they spread. A nail fungal infection is not something alarming, but it has to be treated or else the infection could worsen.


There are different types of fungal infections. They vary according to the causes and symptoms. These infections may start as mild and become more serious. This often starts as a white or yellow spot that appears under the nails. As the infection spreads, the nail becomes yellow, white, black, or green. The infected may also become thick and difficult to trim. In some cases, the nail may start to curl up or down and eventually loosen from the nail bed. The nail could also turn brittle and crumble when touched. The nail may become distorted in shape as well and a foul smell may come from it.


When you suspect a nail fungus infection, see if a doctor have the most suitable nail fungus treatment after the doctor gives a clinical diagnosis. This often requires a nail sample to be sent to a lab for fungal culture. Doctors often prescribe oral antifungals which may last for months. Those who are concerned about their side effects may turn to topical antifungals instead. These may work for mild cases of infection, but they can’t be used to treat serious infections unless it is combined with oral antifungals. Some severe cases may require nail removal.

1Some Facts about the Banana and Milk Combo

You may consume banana and milk together as a smoothie or separately. Banana and milk may also aid weight gain. Be sure to consume two glasses of banana milkshake along with other weight-gaining food options. Banana and milk are both good for one’s health. Milk must be avoided by someone who has lactose intolerance though, and it is better to consult with the doctor before you pursue a banana and milk diet regimen.

If you are allergic to sunflower seeds, avoid taking banana milk that has sunflower seeds in it. Similarly, when you are allergic or sensitive to oats, read the label of the banana milk. When you need a low-potassium diet due to a medical condition like kidney disease, it may be necessary for you to limit your intake of bananas and milk. Bananas contain an amino acid known as tyramine, which has been associated with migraines in some people. If you are one of them, try to avoid taking large quantities of bananas and milk. This has to be avoided by people who take medications like monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) as well.

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