Toenail fungus is any type of fungal infection that appears on one or more toenails. It is also called onychomycosis. This may begin as a white or yellow spot that usually appears under the nail’s tip. This may develop deeper into the nail, causing additional symptoms and a possible loss of the toenail. Nail fungus may also affect the fingernails though fungal infections are more prevalent on toenails because of its conducive environment. Fungus thrives in a dark, warm, and moist environment.

13What Are Its Common Symptoms?

The symptoms of the infection depend on the type of infection that affects the nails. However, the most common symptoms include the following: yellowish and whitish discoloration, the debris forming underneath the nail, thickened nails that are hard to trim, distorted and misshapen nails, brittle, chalky on the surface, having a mild foul odor, and sometimes even pain.

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