Argan Oil against Toenail Fungus Infection


Fungal infections don’t attack only the feet or toenails but many parts of the body. Fungi can be found in the human body along with various bacteria. It is when the fungus overgrows that you can experience an infection. The kind of infection that affects the toenails and fingernails. It develops over time and at first, the indications of the infection are not that clear.

Fungi grow in a warm and moist environment. The fungus that causes nail fungus infection is the same as the fungus that brings you jock itch, athlete’s foot, and ringworm. Fungus is more likely to develop in toenails than fingernails because of the conducive environment the shoes can provide. You are prone to get infected too when you get a mani-pedi from a salon that uses unsterilized tools.

8Who Are At Risk?

Certain people are more prone to incurring nail fungus infections. These are those who are above 65 years old, diabetic, suffering from a disease that causes blood circulation problems, wear artificial nails, swim in public swimming pools and shower or locker rooms, go to the gym often, and have skin injury surrounding the nail, suffering from a weakened immune system., and those who wear closed-toe tight shoes for a prolonged period. Nail fungal infections are more common among men than women and more prevalent among adults than children.

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