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One of the things that are often linked to getting older is toenail fungus. Foot health affects your overall health. That’s why you must not take this for granted. When you have yellowed, cracked, and distorted toenails, it could do more than just impede your preference to wear sandals or thongs. This could mean that you have a nail fungus infection that can give you pain, swelling, and inflammation in the area.

7What are some common causes of a nail fungal infection?

Fungi thrive in a dark, warm, and moist environment just like in a public swimming pool, locker room, or gym. This is the same environment that is created inside your shoes, which makes them a breeding ground for toenail fungus.

The root cause of a toenail fungus infection is the presence and spread of microorganisms like fungi. This growth may occur in, on, or under the nail. The type of fungus that causes toenail fungus also brings you jock itch, ringworm, and athlete’s foot. The fungus may be transmitted from an infected person to another or by contact with an infected surface. This is why it is recommended for you to make sure if the salon you go to disinfects their tools.

If ever you developed a nail fungal infection but are not sure where you got it, you may look into the following causes: walking barefoot in damp public areas like swimming pools, gyms, and locker areas; injury to the nail that caused an acute or blunt trauma; blood-circulation issues like those people who have diabetes; and athlete’s foot since it is caused by the same fungus and can easily trigger a toenail fungal infection.

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