Anagallis Arvensis, Its Antifungal Properties, and Other Benefits


Toenail fungus is also known as onychomycosis. This appears when fungal infections appear underneath the nail, causing it to change in color and shape and at times pain and discomfort. Dermatophytes, the group of fungi, that causes athlete’s foot is the most common cause of nail fungus infections. Toenail fungus is more serious than just altering the appearance of the nail. In some cases, the fungi make it hard to walk and even wear shoes.

9Risk Factors

There can be multiple risk factors for a nail fungus infection. The infection can easily be spread by the following: walking barefoot in damp public areas like pools, having chronic diseases like diabetes and having a weakened immune system, having a history of toenail fungus in the family, previous nail injury, and wearing inappropriate footwear.

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