A Special Foot Soak to Eliminate Nail Fungal Infections


A fungus is a microorganism that thrives in a warm and moist environment. Nail fungal infections are a common condition that can affect people of various ages. However, it is more prevalent among older adults. This nail infection may start as a skin infection first which is known as tinea pedis or athlete’s foot. This fungus grows underneath the nail and causes several changes to its appearance and condition such as making it yellow, brown, green, or white; distortion in shape, thickening of the infected nail, having ragged edges and becoming crumbly when touched, and causing pain and discomfort, particularly when walking.

8Causes and Risks

Nail fungus infections are most commonly caused by dermatophytes. They may also be caused by molds and yeast. Several factors and habits can enhance the probability of getting infected with this fungus as well. These include being diabetic, having a family history of toenail fungus, walking barefoot in damp areas like swimming pools and changing rooms, having a nail injury, frequently wearing tight shoes, and others.

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